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17 March 10

Rafsanjani’s 5th recommendation

Rafsanjani’s 5th recommendation, addressed to 5+1: If you limit your demands to your rights, we will settle for our rights equally. Both sides need to improve confidence & create trust. On the international scene, Iran must act in a way to avoid any suspicions.

Posted: 4:44 PM

Parleman : one step forward for Rafsanjani

Ayatollah Rafsanjani prevailing, extremists retreating. Rafsanjani’s 6 point plan is in motion, gaining more & more ground.

Posted: 12:04 AM

Tehran Nazi Abad / Shiraz updates.

Tehran Nazi Abad source :”People are putting up fierce resistance against Government agents in front of Amir Almomenin hospital, keeping agents from kidnapping injured protesters being treated inside. Large crowd blocks agents from raiding Hospital & is fighting back.”

Shiraz source : “Around 5000 protesters marched, chanted “Death to dictator” & set Khamenei & AN posters on fire. Security Forces charged people who were jumping over bonfires while burning SL & AN posters but were repelled & overwhelmed by a barrage of home made explosives & firecrackers.”

16 March 10

Two full message from sources.

"We are unified by the "un-Islamic" Fire Festival, publicly & openly defying Khamenei’s religious fatwa. I’m told the Fire festival is being celebrated much more than in prior years, in all Iranian cities and villages, with anti regime & Khamenei chants echoing through the land, displaying the anger & resistance of people who are being robbed of their country and culture. Truly,from Abadan to Zand,the sacred & happy fest of the sun, as celebrated by their forefathers for thousands of year, before Judaism & Islam were born, is uniting the Iranian tribes tonight."

"Looks like Iranians don’t care about Khamenei’s fatwa. It’s the loudest Charshanbe Souri we’ve ever seen."

14 March 10

Rafsanjani’s 1st of seven recommendations for Iranians in the last week of the year 1388

In an exclusive interview with Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani by his official website, he has seven recommendations for Iranians in the last week of the year 1388. The first one is addressed to the young and student protesters.

Q: What is your recommendation for the very large group of youth and students of the Nation who are so called “protesters”, and their families?

A: Students are a very large and precious layer of society that will be managing the country’s affairs in the future, and progress is usually in their hands. We request them to assess the current conditions carefully. The Islamic Republic, despite the riots, war, sanctions and other calamities, has managed to advance the country with some large steps. They must make and effort and if they see impediments, they should voice such, and if they wish to correct them, they should propose those rationally. I have never wanted them to be silent. They have to raise these issues but discuss them in a way that foreign enemies, and the oppressors who are waiting for such opportunities, can’t abuse such or to give those within the country who want to create a police state an excuse to do so. The atmosphere has to become rational and reasonable. I believe that in such atmosphere, those who have positive things to say and students can be of those, will ultimately succeed.

5 March 10

Interesting Double Admission of Responsibility

A Reformist admits weakness of leadership over protesters caused damage, while a Sr. Principlist admits extremists within Principlists have caused damage & created the crisis, while urging all to change their ways, distance from extremists & move towards unity & moderation.

Posted: 2:51 PM

Translation/Analysis : Pro-Government and their Media attack proposed Election reform.

Translation :

Extremist Government supporters & their media launch a barrage of attacks on Expediency for its election law & policy reforms.

The  This article includes a draft of Expediency’s suggested reforms :

  • Create a National Election Committee and remove the Guardian Council and Leader’s oversight.
  • Ministry of Interior would no longer be involved in any elections.
  • Focus on voting for parties in Majlis elections & not just individual candidates to protect & strengthen political parties rather than individuals.
  • The National Election Committee would be under Expediency council’s supervision, be non-partisan, maintain absolute transparency.
  • The National Election Committee couldn’t disqualify any parties or candidates who adhere to the constitution & act within the limits of the law.

Rafsanjani, Rohani & Rezaei are pushing for urgent adoption of reforms by Majlis to change laws before next round of elections, whereas Keyhan’s Shariatmadari accuses Rezaei & the people behind the National Election Committee plans to be agents of foreign & anti regime powers. Government supporters in Majlis have already started an aggressive campaign against the proposed reforms.

Most noteworthy is the fact that Expediency council is acting upon written approval & instructions of Khamenei dating back two years. As the matter has been declared top urgent by Expediency council, coup supporters fear the negative consequences of such reforms.

Insider’s Analysis :

If these reforms are enacted into law (which requires 1st & foremost the Leader’s approval & a request from Majlis to enact) a massive campaign for Majlis elections can be expected with Parties such as the  National Front, Republicans, Mousavi’s RASA, the Freedom Party & many more. They would thus be able to obtain direct & indirect mandates securing their parties’ existence & representatives beyond elections as well as allow Party Bases to curb individual candidates’ actions.

The Leader and guardian Council having no say on elections or candidates would result in a colorful mix of MPs being elected to next Majlis, most likely without many coup supporters & Mehbah disciples.

A Majlis consisting of parties would be less subjected to force coming from above & would actually, more logically, represent their constituency.

As usual, it’s up to Khamenei’s mood… I have doubts it will be enacted into a law, but anything can happen…

Posted: 2:16 PM

Insider : on Rafsanjani’s Q&A and post-Khobregan speech.

(As analyzed by an insider, March 4th & 5th, 2010.)

There were some important points in Rafsanjani’s answers during the Q&A yesterday :

1. Only SL has the “power” (authority) to end the crisis, with the help of all domestic forces.

2. Officials have to listen to the young generation’s criticism & answer with logic.

3. The Most important thing is the Will of the People.

4.There will be no end to the current crisis without addressing people’s concerns & being accountable to them.

5. Like the events surrounding the Constitutional Revolution, there are those inside & outside who pretend to be defending Regime & Religion, while being the very enemies of the Regime. This led to collapse of 1st National Assembly, and a chaotic state of affairs to the point of collapse & even loss of the country’s control to Brits & Russians. This ended with Reza Pahlavi’s coup d’etat against that Regime.

Rafsanjani’s speech at Khomeini’s shrine the day after Khobregan session was over was interesting as well. Although the leaked Experts announcement suggested otherwise, Rafsanjani remained critical, warned of Coup Forces destroying the country & reiterated his views. That Friday, he was to lead the Friday Prayer in Tehran but he refused, as long as Janati’s draft was on table. It was a straight death sentence for Green leaders. Rafsanjani refused to sign the “decreed” declaration & demanded those passages to be taken out & the unity aspect to be added.

Adding up these points he made yesterday, and his speech at Khomeini Shrine while sitting on Khamenei’s right side, Ahmadinejad & Sepah’s heads who have focused most of their efforts in trying to exclude Rafsanjani from Khamenei’s court & downplay his role within the Regime, must be alarmed. Rafsanjani’s role & responsibilities have grown beyond defending his own interests or the Traditionalist Conservatives’. Most agree that if AN manages to sideline Rafsanjani, hell will break loose. Without Rafsanjani’s influence & counteractions, there would be nothing that could stop Coup from “cleansing” Iran.

But, as Rafsanjani says : There’s only one man who can pave the road out of the crisis & that is Khamenei himself. He is very much firm on his statement that, not only crisis isn’t over, but if something isn’t done soon, it will bring down the regime. His solution to the crisis has remained same as stated in his last Friday Prayer sermon.

Rafsanjani is of the opinion that it’s better to keep Khamenei close at hand & disallow the crazies to keep him away. Whenever Rafsanjani & Khamenei get closer things loosen up a little & some sort of progress is achieved. Whenever Rafsanjani distances himself, Khamenei becomes a simple tool of Hojjatieh.

A big problem is that Khamenei is utterly unable to take the slightest bit of criticism without reacting very emotionally & defensively.

1 March 10

Summary : Faeze Hashemi: My father won’t compromise on ppl’s rights.His demands are the same as Green mvmnt.


Faeze Hashemi: “My father won’t compromise on people’s rights.His demands are the same as the Green movement. My father & the green movement have common demands. He can be considered green as well.”

She emphasizes that Ayatollah Rafsanjani will never compromise with the regime at the cost of people’s rights & that in the current situation, it is simply not possible. She emphasized that the only way out of this crisis is by following Rafsanjani’s suggestions in his Friday Prayer of 26 Tir.

Faeze tells reporters that her father won’t change his stance of fighting for people’s rights & won’t stand down since he looks far ahead & considers the well-being & conditions of the Iranian society when he makes choices.

Asked why her father has not been leading Friday prayers since last sermon after election: “His main reason is not to cause harm to innocent ppl. In his last sermon, security & intel forces attacked protesters & arrested some of them.”

She warns that extremists are trying to unseat Rafsanjani from his position as Chairman of experts assembly to achieve their goals.

14 February 10

Insider: Iran, de facto military dictatorship.

(As worded by an Insider, February 13.)

Sepah& its Commander in chief  have taken over & have no intention of letting go. 1389’s Artesh budget is not even quarter of Sepah’s budget.

- Basij is totally integrated in Sepah now.
- From National police to Central command, all Sepahi & Basijis.
- The Ministry of Intelligence is run by Sepah Intelligence.
- IRIB & most print media are run by Sepah.
- Most judges are Sepahis.
- 3/4 of Gov is Sepahi.

It is a de facto military dictatorship.

(And this doesn’t even cover Sepah’s control of industries, import/export, etc…)

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