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1 March 10

Summary : Faeze Hashemi: My father won’t compromise on ppl’s rights.His demands are the same as Green mvmnt.


Faeze Hashemi: “My father won’t compromise on people’s rights.His demands are the same as the Green movement. My father & the green movement have common demands. He can be considered green as well.”

She emphasizes that Ayatollah Rafsanjani will never compromise with the regime at the cost of people’s rights & that in the current situation, it is simply not possible. She emphasized that the only way out of this crisis is by following Rafsanjani’s suggestions in his Friday Prayer of 26 Tir.

Faeze tells reporters that her father won’t change his stance of fighting for people’s rights & won’t stand down since he looks far ahead & considers the well-being & conditions of the Iranian society when he makes choices.

Asked why her father has not been leading Friday prayers since last sermon after election: “His main reason is not to cause harm to innocent ppl. In his last sermon, security & intel forces attacked protesters & arrested some of them.”

She warns that extremists are trying to unseat Rafsanjani from his position as Chairman of experts assembly to achieve their goals.

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