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5 March 10

Translation/Analysis : Pro-Government and their Media attack proposed Election reform.

Translation :

Extremist Government supporters & their media launch a barrage of attacks on Expediency for its election law & policy reforms.

TheĀ  This article includes a draft of Expediency’s suggested reforms :

  • Create a National Election Committee and remove the Guardian Council and Leader’s oversight.
  • Ministry of Interior would no longer be involved in any elections.
  • Focus on voting for parties in Majlis elections & not just individual candidates to protect & strengthen political parties rather than individuals.
  • The National Election Committee would be under Expediency council’s supervision, be non-partisan, maintain absolute transparency.
  • The National Election Committee couldn’t disqualify any parties or candidates who adhere to the constitution & act within the limits of the law.

Rafsanjani, Rohani & Rezaei are pushing for urgent adoption of reforms by Majlis to change laws before next round of elections, whereas Keyhan’s Shariatmadari accuses Rezaei & the people behind the National Election Committee plans to be agents of foreign & anti regime powers. Government supporters in Majlis have already started an aggressive campaign against the proposed reforms.

Most noteworthy is the fact that Expediency council is acting upon written approval & instructions of Khamenei dating back two years. As the matter has been declared top urgent by Expediency council, coup supporters fear the negative consequences of such reforms.

Insider’s Analysis :

If these reforms are enacted into law (which requires 1st & foremost the Leader’s approval & a request from Majlis to enact) a massive campaign for Majlis elections can be expected with Parties such as theĀ  National Front, Republicans, Mousavi’s RASA, the Freedom Party & many more. They would thus be able to obtain direct & indirect mandates securing their parties’ existence & representatives beyond elections as well as allow Party Bases to curb individual candidates’ actions.

The Leader and guardian Council having no say on elections or candidates would result in a colorful mix of MPs being elected to next Majlis, most likely without many coup supporters & Mehbah disciples.

A Majlis consisting of parties would be less subjected to force coming from above & would actually, more logically, represent their constituency.

As usual, it’s up to Khamenei’s mood… I have doubts it will be enacted into a law, but anything can happen…

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