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14 March 10

Rafsanjani’s 1st of seven recommendations for Iranians in the last week of the year 1388

In an exclusive interview with Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani by his official website, he has seven recommendations for Iranians in the last week of the year 1388. The first one is addressed to the young and student protesters.

Q: What is your recommendation for the very large group of youth and students of the Nation who are so called “protesters”, and their families?

A: Students are a very large and precious layer of society that will be managing the country’s affairs in the future, and progress is usually in their hands. We request them to assess the current conditions carefully. The Islamic Republic, despite the riots, war, sanctions and other calamities, has managed to advance the country with some large steps. They must make and effort and if they see impediments, they should voice such, and if they wish to correct them, they should propose those rationally. I have never wanted them to be silent. They have to raise these issues but discuss them in a way that foreign enemies, and the oppressors who are waiting for such opportunities, can’t abuse such or to give those within the country who want to create a police state an excuse to do so. The atmosphere has to become rational and reasonable. I believe that in such atmosphere, those who have positive things to say and students can be of those, will ultimately succeed.

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